3 Tips in Choosing a Corporate Event App

Mobile solutions have become a norm in the events industry and event organisers are now looking for apps for events. This is only natural since almost everyone today owns a smartphone. For busy people who rarely get to their desk, giving them an opportunity to use a corporate event app and explore your event platforms can be quite helpful. If you’ve been meaning to invest in an event app, here are three tips for you:

  1. Your branding speaks volumes.

Branding your event app is very important to create credibility and improve brand recognition. If you are going to use an event app and opt for the native one (branded according to the software maker), you may confuse attendees since most of them do not have any knowledge about software and app providers. If you need to shell out a little more money so that you can customize the app and have it designed according to your needs, consider it as an investment. Most app providers would also upload the application themselves to the different app stores so that they are ready for download.

  1. Networking platforms are important.

One of the most important components that you should be looking for in an event app is networking. During your events, a good app may become a tool for attendees to message one another and reserve meetings. Social media can also be integrated into the app, in fact, to widen the reach of your event in the internet. The most common social media websites that can be integrated into the app are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may request your app provider to create a social media wall so that your attendees can see what everybody else is sharing through the event hashtag.

  1. Usability should be a priority.

Last but not the least, usability should be prioritised. Make sure that the event app is easy to use and that the interface is straightforward for new users. There’s no point in providing a mobile app to your attendees when it is difficult to use or when its features are clunky. Make sure that you work closely with the app developers throughout the process. Check if you like the design, if the different platforms are integrated well into the app, and if it’s something that your attendees would like from the get-go.

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